Kindle Oasis cover

Passgenaue Hüllen für das Kindle Oasis 10. Generation ♥ Handmade aus natürlichen Materialien ♥ Faire Produktion in Deutschland ♥ In tollen Designs und schnellem Versand.


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The shell for Kindle Oasis - 10. Generation by smukbird®

✓ Free of charge.

✓ In high quality and attention to detail.

✓ Made from the natural materials wool felt and GOTS cotton

✓ Fair produced in Germany.

✓ Sustainable and durable.

✓ Shipping faster.

Kindle Oasis - 10. Generation Covering

Our "LET" eBook reader cover made of natural wool felt and organic cotton is simple and without frills. We do not use leather for our case. The pattern or motif of our GOTS certified cotton is from Smukbird® designed and therefore an exclusive detail. It is produced, i.e. permanently printed, within the EU in Poland.

Our case for the Kindle Oasis - 10. Generation protects your device naturally
also against bumps and scratches. It is designed as a protective cover. Outside there is 2 mm felt, which is self-cleaning and dimensionally stable for years. Inside is the soft, lint-free cotton.
A 3 mm edge protection runs all around through the sewn felt edge. As a result, the case offers the most protection exactly where that Amazon Kindle Oasis - 10. Gen reacts most sensitively in the event of a fall, namely at the corners. This greatly reduces the risk of cracks in the display.

pin your Oasis - 10. Generation just put it in the case and get it out again easily. The
The protective cover is a perfect fit and also holds without a clasp. This also applies if you for your Amazon Kindle Oasis - 10. Gen a case or cover made of leather, for example. Simply specify when ordering and we will take this into account for your bag. Extensive tests for accuracy of fit form the basis.

If you turn the bag over, yours will fall Kindle Oasis - 10. Generation not out.

Why one Kindle Oasis - 10. Generation Case by smukbird®?

We, that is Manuela Kluge and Bogdan Ses, are a
Young start-up team, but with a lot of experience in the range of eBook reader bags. Since 2008 we have worked in companies that have produced and offered ebook reader cases. Ebook cases are not just ebook cases. Because every ebook reader is different. And of course everyone wants the best possible protection for their daily companion. We know that and we take it very seriously.

case for Kindle Oasis - 10. Generation

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case for Kindle Oasis - 10. Generation

However, the protective cover should also be easy to handle.

- Many closure types interfere.

- Flaps are often cumbersome.

- Rubber bands wear out.

- Press buttons on the display.

- Outdoor cotton gets dirty quickly.

But just cover, case or bumper alone is often not enough.

All of our cases have also been extensively tested by ourselves in everyday use.
We have always thought about what is important to you and the many users of eBook readers. All of this has gone into the development of our cases for eReaders. The result is a simple, sustainable bag with that certain something that doesn't take up much space when you're on the go. The extraordinary detail is our specially created organic cotton. You won't find these patterns anywhere else.

Clean processing is one of our highest quality criteria.
Our organic cotton yarn seams are even and clean, even in the curves. The felt parts are precisely cut. The cotton lining is fitted into the felt sleeve in such a way that the edges are neatly concealed, despite the limited space. Inside and out, you'll love the quality of our eBook reader cases.

E-reader case for Amazon Kindle Oasis - 10. Gen

We look forward to criticism and feedback on your eReader case? Should be with your smukbird® Oasis - 10. Generation Sometimes something is wrong. We look forward to hearing from you and take every question, comment and complaint seriously. We also incorporate a lot into our product development.

Our contribution to the environment

Our contribution to the environment is not just use
of sustainable, natural and durable materials for your Amazon Kindle Oasis - 10. Gen Felt cover. In addition, we plant a tree with every bag we send, thereby supporting the reforestation projects of the global organization "Eden Reforestation Projects". Here unemployed farmers, for example in Madagascar, can earn their own living again through reforestation and at the same time valuable mangrove forests are renatured.