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Our cell phone cases and cell phone cases are made of natural materials and beautiful patterns without being flashy. A smukbird phone case is the perfect complement to a SmukBird phone case.


Our phone case

SmukBird Handytaschen aus natürlichem Filz und Bio Baumwolle


Whether with or without a case, the SmukBird phone case is a safe place for your phone. Fast 3mm padding protect your smartphone from bumps and scratches. And all that in a chic design.

The Remarkable cotton pattern in Scandinavian Designs put a smile on your face every time you take your phone out of your pocket. Because then the inside of your mobile phone case shows and always remains something special.



We spent a really long time working on our mobile phone case with a cotton lining. High quality in processing are just as much a part of our philosophy as sustainability and aesthetics. We are all the happier that we succeeded in the challenge and we offer you one little masterpiece able to offer. With attention to detail.


materials and manufacture


Wollfilz is light, shock-absorbing, self-cleaning and temperature-regulating.

Unser Wollfiz stammt vom Merinowollschaf aus Neuseeland
Photo by Martin Bisof on Unsplash  

Our real natural wool originates mainly from New Zealand. Wool produced in New Zealand is mulesing free. 

The production of the felt textile takes place in Germany.


Organic cotton

The Organic cotton corresponds to that GOT-Standard, GOTS for short. That means from the cultivation of the cotton to the finished textile Processes that save resources and are fair instead of. Especially that one Water consumption is up to 40% less than conventional cotton.

Unser Innenfutter besteht aus Bio-Baumwolle und entspricht dem GOT-Standard
Photo by Trisha Downing on Unsplash

That cotton fabric himself will produced in Germany, also the Print finds in Germany instead of.

That Sewing thread also exists made from organic cotton and will produced in the Netherlands.


Our phone case

SmukBird phone cases are almost edible. Because they are made of onions (7,5 %), carrots (7,5 %), Paprika (7,5 %), kings (18 %), soybeans (18%) and Wheat (10%). Without the additional components sawdust (1.5%) and Earth (30%) you could almost get hungry. 

All of this is actually the basis 100% biodegradable bioplastics, which our mobile phone cases are made of. at composting the decomposition lasts about 1 year

But don't worry, with normal use you will enjoy your mobile phone case for as long as you and your mobile phone need it. The shell has one Wall thickness of about 1.8 mm and protects therefore optimal from bumps and scratches on the housing. 

Cutouts and bumps for camera and buttons are natural perfect matched to your device.


Die Designs

The designs come from our house and make your case more than just organicJoin us in our vision that sustainable and chic just belong together.



The cases will in the Far East produced. 

the Print finds in Latvia instead of.


Choose your device now and make your cell phone chic!