Sleeve for iPhone 13 mini | made of felt and organic cotton | light grey - bloom | "LET" model

by SmukBird

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  • perfect fit for iPhone 13 mini
  • optional for iPhone 13 mini with case/sleeve
  • easy to handle
  • holds without closure
  • outside wool felt in the colour light grey
  • durable and self-cleaning
  • organic cotton inside in the "Bloom" design
  • with SmukBird designs
  • high quality workmanship
  • made in Germany and EU

Your iPhone 13 mini phone case - dimensions and manufacture

The production takes place in our workshop in Germany as well as in one small befriended sewing shop in Hungary instead of. At fair conditions and prices.

Dimensions | Felt cover for iPhone 13 mini WITHOUT case / cover

Outside: 148 mm high x 87 mm wide (material thickness: 5 mm)
inside, approx.: 136mm x 68mm x 8mm 

Dimensions iPhone 13 mini: 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.65 mm

Dimensions | Felt sleeve for iPhone 13 mini WITH case / cover

Outside: 151 mm high x 91 mm wide (material thickness: 5 mm)
inside, approx.: 139mm x 71mm x 9mm

Dimensions iPhone 13 mini with case / sleeve, approx .: 134.5 x 67.2 x 8.65 mm

The size of the cell phone pocket, seam allowances and slack were determined through tests. The iPhone 13 mini can be easily inserted and removed without falling out. Even with a case.

How do I indicate that I already use a shell / case around my mobile phone?

Simply select the appropriate one in the product Option below the price the end. We will then make your cell phone case 4 mm wider and 3 mm higher.

The plastic cover is not included. You will receive a stylish, sustainable and custom-fit mobile phone case from us, regardless of whether you use a silicone / plastic case or not.

Will my cell phone fall out of the felt case?

The bag is 100% custom-made for your device. When determining the correct size with case / sleeve, we carried out several tests.

If you still feel the bag is too big or maybe even too tight, contact us. We will definitely find a solution for you.

How to contact the SmukBird team:

Tel .: +49 (0) 651 561 32 70

eMail .:

Is the cell phone case biodegradable?

Wool felt and Organic cotton, as well as that yarn are 100% biodegradable. Chopping it up and throwing it into the garden compost is no problem.

Please remove that beforehand Label and dispose of it in the residual waste. This consists of a cellulose-latex mixture and is only 80% biodegradable.

Our goal is 100% degradability. We'll stay tuned and look for appropriate alternatives for our label label.

Our felt

We use natural Merino wool felt. Wool felt is robust, durable and cleans itself. The Wool for our felt comes mainly from merino wool sheep from New Zealand. Mulesing is prohibited in New Zealand. That Felt textile himself will produced in Germany. Whereby felting itself hardly deviates from the traditional manufacturing process to this day.

Our cotton

That Organic cotton fabric will made in Germany. Of the complete manufacturing process from the cotton plant to the finished fabric under the GOT standard instead of. That means socially and environmentally friendly. The patterns come from the pen of our SmukBird designer.

That too Yarn is made from organic cotton and comes from the Netherlands.

Support our vision of stylish sustainability

We at SmukBird want you to be able to protect what is important to you. To do this, we use our ingenuity and our attention to detail. We act sustainably and combine a good conscience with beautiful and stylish designs.

Support our vision of stylish and fair sustainability.

Choose a cover from SmukBird.

Sustainable packaging

All items are packed in paper, degradable plastic and cardboard and are as compact as possible.


We ship with DHL and Deutsche Post, because of the high level of reliability and the fair treatment of employees.

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As a rule, your order will be delivered and delivered within three working days.