Handmade in Germany | Fair produziert mit Liebe zum Detail

How nice when everything is at hand

Instead of searching in the big bag or backpack, you have everything you need ready with the KEDJA mobile phone bag.

In addition to the compartment for the mobile phone, you can safely store banknotes, EC cards or notes in three other compartments.

Thanks to the cord for hanging around the neck, you have your hands free and at the same time everything is at hand when you need it.

Beautiful, fair & practical

our philosophy

A noble & simple design and high-quality workmanship are very important to us. Because our products should not only make your everyday life easier, but also beautify it.

However, our idea of ​​appreciation begins with the materials, which are selected according to fair and sustainable criteria. With the production in our own workshop and the internal customer service, we consistently continue and implement this philosophy.

Gute Materialien: Wollfilz und Bio-Baumwolle

Simply good

Our high-quality materials are the basis for your new cell phone case. Our wool felt, organic cotton, cork fabric and cotton yarn are produced in Europe.

Handmade in Germany

Handmade in Germany

We will make your mobile phone case to wear as soon as it is ordered. We only use the material that is really needed and use resources carefully.

Sent with love

Sent with love

After 2-3 working days, the mobile phone case will be delivered to you at home, wrapped like a gift. Our grass paper packaging conserves resources and is plastic-free.

Excellent protection for your smartphone

The KEDJA mobile phone case has a material thickness of 2 mm and therefore offers excellent protection for your iPhone. An additional padding is created by the cork layer with the integrated extra compartments.

Felt, made from sheep's wool, is a natural material with very good shock-absorbing properties. Your iPhone is securely wrapped around the flap.

Everything included?

Yes, the KEDJA mobile phone case is your perfect companion

  • when going out
  • when traveling by bus, train or plane
  • when shopping
  • on trips
  • in summer
  • if you want to leave the big bag at home

Several compartments are available for your most important companion.

Outside zip pocket

Outside zip pocket

On the back for EC cards, ID, etc.

Internal compartments for cards and bills

Internal compartments for cards and bills

Ready to hand and yet protected by the flap.

Mobile phone pocket lined with soft cotton

Mobile phone pocket lined with soft cotton

So will yours iPhone 12 well protected.

Perfect fit for you

Our mobile phone case to hang around the neck is not a one-size-fits-all solution for all mobile phones. so that your iPhone 12 feels comfortable, we have also adapted our mobile phone pocket with flap and cord to your model.

So that handling remains unencumbered, the felt cover has more play than our mobile phone case without a closure.

Wool from trustworthy shepherds

The wool for our felt comes from sheep from New Zealand and Australia. The wool is mulesing free. Mulesing is a controversial process, which is unfortunately still practiced in Australia, but only with Merino sheep. The Australian wool from our German felt producer is 100% free of merino wool. This creates a mixture of New Zealand merino wool and Australian non-merino wool, which also has an effect on the particularly good and consistent quality of our felt. It is even, stable and pleasant to the touch.

Wool from trustworthy shepherds

Recycled cotton cord

Our cord in 5 different colors is made of cotton, a natural, degradable and pleasant material. But that's not enough. As we are always looking for the most sustainable variant, we are pleased to be able to offer you a robust cord made from recycled cotton.

This saves resources without loss of quality.

Cork, the good mood material from Portugal

Cork has a uniquely pleasant feel. The harvest is good for our environment and for the people who grow cork oaks. Cork oak forests are particularly sustainable biotopes with diverse flora and fauna. The tree forms new bark every 9-11 years. A cork oak that is harvested binds 3 times as much CO₂ as one that is not harvested. Harvesting is a Portuguese tradition that can only be done by hand. It guarantees forest owners a secure and well-paid existence.

Korkstoff | ein wichtiges Material bei Smukbird

Make Bio-Baumwolle

The production of organic cotton is GOTS-certified and is subject to the socially and environmentally compatible GOT standards. The printing takes place within the EU in Poland at a modern textile printing company.

The organic cotton yarn is produced in the tranquil Netherlands.

Bio-Baumwolle im smukbird® Design

Fast production & delivery with tracking

Our processes are optimized for shipping within 1-2 working days after ordering.

Delivery with DHL and Deutsche Post includes tracking. The tracking number will be sent to you with the shipping confirmation.

Maßanfertigung deiner Handytasche von Smukbird®

Our service for you

  • Do you have a question about the KEDJA mobile phone case or about an order?
  • Is your shipment stuck in transit?
  • Do you want to exchange or return the mobile phone case?

We are there for you and will always find a suitable solution for you!

We, that is Manu and Bogdan

... want you to be able to protect what's important to you. For this we use our inventiveness and our experience from almost 15 years of manufacturing and shipping mobile phone cases and other accessories made of felt and cork. We always act with great attention to detail.

The high quality of an end product results from the sum of the individual steps leading to it.

Every building block is valuable.

Manu by smukbird

frequently asked Questions

How many cards fit in the mobile phone pocket to hang around?

We recommend 8-10 cards for the zip pocket. There is room for about 6 cards inside.

Can I remove or exchange the cord?

Yes, you can completely remove the cord by pulling the cord ends through the metal slider. You can also reinsert or replace the cord.

Is the cord adjustable in length?

Yes, you can use a metal slider to adjust the length of the cord to suit your needs.

Will my cell phone fall out of the felt case?

The case is 100% custom made for your device. We carried out several tests to determine the correct size with a mobile phone shell.

If you still think the bag is too big or maybe even too narrow, get in touch with us. We will definitely find a solution for you.

How to reach the SmukBird team:

Tel.: +49 (0)651 561 32 70
Email: mail@smukbird.de

Is the mobile phone case biodegradable?

wool felt, cotton lining and cord, as well as that Yarn are 100% biodegradable. Cut it small and put it in the garden compost is no problem.

The cork fabric currently contains one polyester lamination and should be disposed of in the residual waste. Here we are already in talks with the manufacturer to switch this to cotton.

That too Label made of a cellulose-latex mixture is only 80% biodegradable. Here, too, we are already looking for a completely degradable but also vegan alternative.

Where do the materials come from?
  • The felt is made in Germany (Bavaria) manufactured.
  • The wool for this comes from sheep from New Zealand and Australia. The wool is mulesingfrei. Mulesing is a controversial process, which is unfortunately still practiced in Australia, but only with Merino sheep. The Australian wool from our producer is 100% free from merino wool.
  • The cork fabric comes from Portugal from sustainable cultivation.
  • We obtain the lining made of GOTS-certified organic cotton from Poland. The prints with our designs are also made there.
  • The bag is made with yarn from the Netherlands sewn. It is made from organic cotton.
  • Our label is made in Germany produced.
Is the mobile phone case sustainable & fair?


  • We pay attention short supply chains and continuously optimize them.
  • The bag will only after the order prepared.
  • For those created during production We have a sensible use for leftover materials found as filling material, so the production is waste-free.
  • The Felt and cotton are completely biodegradable, preferably in your own garden compost. The cork fabric is laminated with a polyester mixture. We are here in conversation with the manufacturer for a cotton lamination. This is currently still under development. We stay tuned. The logo label also contains around 20% plastic. It is best to cut it off before composting.


  • The Cell phone case is produced in Germany in our own workshop. Fun at work and good working conditions are very important to us.
  • Our felt manufacturer in Germany works only with trustworthy and reliable shepherds together. The wool is mulesingfrei.
  • The production of Organic cotton is GOTS certified, subject particularly fair working standards.
  • The Print takes place within the EU in Poland at a modern textile printing company instead of.
  • The Yarn is made in the Netherlands produced under fair working conditions.

What do I do if I have a silicone case or phone case?

Your cell phone has enough play with the cell phone bag to hang around your neck. Even when using a mobile phone case or silicone case, your mobile phone fits easily into the felt case.

Shipping time, postage and tracking

We will process your order within 1-2 business days. Also made to measure. Then it goes to shipping, with shipment tracking.

Free shipping within Germany for orders over €75.
You can find the postage for all other countries here: Shipping Terms.

We ship all orders with a tracking number and exclusively with DHL and Deutsche Post.

How do I return the bag?

If you want to return the bag, write us a short message. We will be happy to send you a return label.

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