Mouse pads and desk pads

Make your workplace
nicer and quieter. So classy
it also remains structured
head cleared.

A nice place to work

Our mouse pads and desk pads made of cork and wool felt enhance your desk and ensure that you can work comfortably.

Wool felt pads from smukbird®

Every mousepad, desk pad and coaster is made in our own workshop. All underlays are made from two sustainable materials, cork and wool felt, combined with a solvent-free, non-toxic adhesive. Together they create an elegant two-layer design. Felt dampens the sound, is self-cleaning and ensures a pleasant, warm feeling on the skin, especially for wrists sensitive to cold.

Made in Germany

Like all our felt products, we also make the mouse pads and desk pads in our own small factory. Every step up to the finished underlay is important for your desk beautifier. Some are done by hand. Our computer-controlled high-tech cutting machine ensures precise cutting.

Two layers design

Our small and large keyboard, laptop and mouse pads are made of cork granules and natural wool felt. Each 2mm nestle against each other and ensure a noble design. The lower layer of cork granules is also anti-slip.

It's also quieter

A natural property of felt is sound absorption. Noises caused by clicking the mouse and typing on the keyboard are thereby dampened. If a laptop or keyboard is placed on the clean table surface and moved back and forth, scratchy noises can even occur, depending on the surface. This is completely avoided with our felt pads. For you, a more relaxed and pleasant work remains.

Natural, durable, self-cleaning

Wool felt has some outstanding advantages over synthetic felt. On the one hand it has a matt surface finish, on the other hand it shows almost no signs of aging. It is self-cleaning and can be dabbed or brushed off in the event of a mishap. Immediate intervention often leaves no traces.

Remarkable cork

Cork granulate is an outstanding material in many respects. The cork comes from cork oaks, which are cultivated in sustainable forestry in Portugal. Cultivation and harvesting is a traditional occupation with a good income. The oaks produce a new cork bark every time they are peeled and bind 3 times as much CO2 as without harvest. However, peeling is only possible by hand. Too deep a cut prevents the bark from forming again.

Used up to the last crumb

Cork is already a very sustainable material. It is the starting material for many applications, including our cork fabric. During processing, of course, there are also residues, such as the cork granules. Products made from it are therefore a contribution to the sustainable use of our resources. It's also 100% natural and recyclable, and is the perfect base for our mousepads, desk pads, and coasters.

Felt cover made in Germany

The production of our wool felt takes place in a traditional German company. A mixture of merino wool and other types of wool is processed, resulting in a particularly even and dense felt structure.

The wool is sourced from trusting shepherds who do not use so-called mulesing. Mulesing is a very painful circumcision of the anal skin folds in Merino wool sheep without anesthesia. The main country of origin of our merino wool is New Zealand. Mulesing is forbidden here. In Australia, only mulesing-free because non-merino wool is purchased.

Non-toxic glue

Felt and cork layers are bonded using a solvent-free PVA dispersion adhesive. PVA is a synthetically manufactured, thermoplastic material which, as a dispersion, has excellent adhesive properties. PVA is tasteless and odorless, non-toxic and considered biocompatible (no negative impact on metabolism in direct contact). PVA completely decomposes within certain microbial environments.

Farewell to cold tabletops

Lacquered tabletops and worktops made of glass or stone have a cold surface. But even natural wood panels can feel uncomfortably cool on the wrists. This is finally over with our felt pads. And should it get very hot in summer, another natural property of wool felt comes into play. It has a temperature-regulating effect and is therefore pleasant even in summer.

Why a mousepad from smukbird®? 

We, that is Manu and Bogdan, with a lot of experience in cases and accessories made of felt and cork. Since 2008 we have been managing small companies that produce and sell felt products. Since 2021 with our own small company Smukbird®. 

Our contribution to the environment

Our contribution to the environment is not just use
of sustainable, natural and durable materials for your desk pad. In addition, with every item we ship, we plant three trees and thus support the reforestation projects of the global organization “Eden Reforestation Projects”. Here, unemployed farmers in Madagascar, for example, can earn their own living again through reforestation and at the same time valuable mangrove forests are being renaturalized.