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Tips, trends and inspiration for a sustainable future

Sustainable fashion trends:

Our fashion items combine environmental protection and style for those who want to be sustainable and trend-conscious. In our articles you will learn how to minimize your ecological footprint and still follow current fashion trends. Discover innovative fashion labels and become a trendsetter in conscious fashion. Our articles provide information and inspiration for an environmentally conscious and stylish lifestyle.

Discover the latest sustainable fashion trends in our article, influenced by renowned designers such as Stella McCartney and Gabriela Hearst. Immerse yourself in the world of felt and cork and find out why these materials are not only elegant but also environmentally friendly. Get valuable tips on the care and durability of your felt and cork products to extend their lifespan. Deepen your understanding of the environmental impact of these materials and learn how you can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. At Smukbird you will find elegant felt and cork products that impress with unique design and sustainable innovation. Discover our exclusive collaborations and experience how timeless aesthetics harmonize with environmental friendliness.

Smukbird is the expert in sustainable fashion that impresses with exceptional sustainability and fairness. From the use of biodegradable materials to CO₂-neutral deliveries and a reforestation project, the company actively sets an example for environmental and social responsibility. With 15 years of experience, Smukbird combines style, sustainability and adventure to create a better world through high quality products.
Discover the versatile world of Smukbird felt bags - tailor-made companions for laptops, e-readers and cell phones. From stylish statements to optical highlights, they not only offer protection, but also the perfect symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality. Immerse yourself and transform your everyday life and travel.

Manufacture and materials in focus:

Explore sustainable production – discover our innovative methods and materials. In our articles we show how environmentally friendly manufacturing processes make a positive contribution. Find out how material selection contributes to an environmentally friendly production process. We rely on transparency and commitment to a sustainable future.

Tips for care and durability:

Make the most of your products and keep them in top condition in the long term! Our care tips provide you with valuable information on how to care for your products to extend their lifespan. With practical advice, we'll show you how small care measures can make a big difference. Get the most out of your products and find out how you can care for them sustainably and efficiently.

Find out everything you need to know about zippers in our article - from care tips to keep them supple to simple repair tricks. We share proven methods for getting stiff zippers back on track and give helpful advice on how to handle them correctly. Be inspired by our tips on how to keep your clothes in top shape for longer with proper care.

For environmental protection:

Our articles offer numerous opportunities for your active contribution to environmental protection. From simple everyday habits to major changes, they cover a variety of topics, including reducing waste, saving energy and choosing environmentally friendly products. Small changes can have a significant impact - be part of this movement! Discover how you can make an active difference and start your journey to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle today.

Smukbird and Eden Reforestation Projects join forces against climate change. Your purchase of a Smukbird product plants over 8,000 trees, reduces CO2 and promotes sustainable forest protection. Actively support environmental protection with your purchase and shape a healthier future.
Imagine the Earth is a giant thermometer, but instead of measuring fever, it shows the temperature of the entire world. Climate change is when the thermometer rises higher and higher and the earth becomes hotter and hotter. The sun is shining, but we have to be careful because too much heat can cause problems.
At a time when climate change is presenting our planet with enormous challenges, it is encouraging to see how companies like DHL Group are consistently following the path of sustainability. With their innovative GoGreen program, they have been setting standards since 2011 and making it clear how essential sustainability and environmental protection are.

Designers and collaborations:

Would you like to find out more about our partners? Read our articles and discover what we have already achieved together. Get inspired by our informative articles and learn how our collaborations have led to significant milestones. We invite you to learn more about the values ​​and goals of our partnerships and to gain a comprehensive insight into our shared successes.

Experience Anja Streese's journey from the European Art Academy to the Kunsthaus Alte Druckerei. As a freelance artist and Cultural Share Prize winner, she impresses with unique art in exhibitions and publications. Immerse yourself in her world, characterized by fleeting moments and timeless beauty.

Everyday and travel companion:

Looking for practical companions for everyday life and travel? Smukbird offers felt and cork phone cases that are not only stylish but also functional. These materials make the bags lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly. If you're looking for a bag that offers thoughtful design and plenty of storage space, a phone bag from Smukbird could be the ideal solution for you.

Smukbird presents the ultimate companions for your electronic devices. The felt and cork bags combine style and functionality and offer optimal protection when hiking, climbing, on the beach or at home on the couch. High-quality felt material protects against bumps and scratches, while sustainable cork is lightweight, water-repellent and biodegradable. Smukbird relies on environmentally friendly materials without compromising on design and versatility. Protect your gadgets in style with Smukbird – for security in every situation.

Sustainability in everyday life:

Discover sustainability in everyday life! Our tips will show you how you can make small changes to not only have a positive impact on your quality of life, but also on the environment. Find practical advice and be inspired on how sustainable choices lead to a more conscious lifestyle. Find out more in our articles and gain an insight into the world of sustainable living. We invite you to create a more sustainable future together.

Do you choose an electric car or a combustion engine? Our article highlights the cost aspects, incentives and discounts that influence car purchases. But it's not just the financial aspect that is crucial. We also analyze the environmental impact of both types of drive and give you a solid basis for making a contribution to environmental protection in everyday life. Immerse yourself in the world of electromobility and traditional combustion engines to make the best decision for your needs.

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