The mobile phone case from Smukbird®

We offer high-quality mobile phone cases that fit your smartphone perfectly. The bags are made of wool felt, organic cotton and cork, depending on which model you choose. Each Handytsche has an all-round edge protection. In the event of a fall, this greatly reduces the risk of damage to the display and housing. In addition, your mobile phone is protected from scratches and strong temperature influences.

Your smartphone will feel comfortable in our mobile phone pocket.

Each cell phone case is neatly finished, with attention to detail. We are also careful when selecting materials and ensure fair working conditions. All our products are Made in Germany.

Handytasche für iPhone 14 Pro Max

Mobile phone case "LET"

Minimalistically beautiful in 10 different designs. Made from carefully selected materials. Made in Germany.

Choose the right case for your cell phone here.

Handytasche mit Kartenfach für iPhone 14 Pro Max

Mobile phone pocket "ZIP"

It's nice when everything is included. Our mobile phone case with a cork card slot. Made in Germany.

Choose the right case for your cell phone here.

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10 highlights of our mobile phone cases

  • There is a lot of energy and passion in every cell phone case.
  • Animal welfare and fair processes ... our materials are carefully selected.
  • 2mm cozy padding that protects against bumps and scratches.
  • Wool felt regulates the temperature so your phone doesn't freeze or sweat.
  • Without frills and frills ... simply minimalistic beautiful ♥
  • Make a wish ... felt color and interior pattern in 10 variants.
  • Fits like a glove... always fits your phone.
  • Sustainable production after order ... we process what is needed.
  • Our sewing fairies have fun producing in our own manufactory.
  • To look forward to ... every mobile phone case is lovingly packed.

Beautiful beautifully packaged

Your mobile phone case as well as any other of our products will come to you lovingly packed. Our packaging consists largely of grass paper, which is particularly resource-friendly.

We (Manu and Bogdan) stand behind Smukbird®. We burn for our company and our offer. You can be sure that a lot of energy and passion has flowed into it by the time you hold your cell phone case in your hands. Product development until it really fits, the sustainable selection of materials and a fair and high-quality production are lived by us with mindfulness.