Wabi Sabi Denim Wall Clocks

Get calm and serenity
into your room. Wabi Sabi is
an expression of Japanese aesthetics,
who completes the imperfection
come makes.

We have 6 unique wall clocks
of Japanese Sashiko embroidery
to you. Handmade by Daniela
Bergert, head behind Wabi Sabi
Denim, Berlin.

The embroidered time

Our Wabi Sabi Denim wall clocks create a very special atmosphere at home and at work. Made from high quality Japanese denim and hand embroidered using the Japanese Sashiko technique.

Each watch is unique.

The special wall clock for you

Wall clocks not only tell you the time, they add personality to your space. Choose between the 6 Wabi Sabi Denim unique pieces for the perfect time and get a silent time measurement in your home or office. This is ensured by the whisper clockwork from the traditional German company Dugena.

Wabi Sabi Denim Wall Clocks

The Denim wall clocks were designed by Daniela Bergert under the label Wabi Sabi Denim. A limited wall clock edition of Denim and Kork is developed. With the brand Wabi Sabi Denim we combine common values like

  • sustainability
  • longevity
  • Fairness
  • crafts and
  • Aesthetics.

The watches are decorated with traditional Japanese Sashiko embroidery. Each piece is a unique piece in manual work. The result is fantastic and we would like to keep all the watches themselves.

The Brand Wabi Sabi Denim

Behind the brand Wabi Sabi Denim, Berlin is Daniela Bergert. Basically it's about repairing, in the sense of a high-quality upgrading of jeans, with the Japanese Sashiko technique. The roots of the Wabi Sabi Denim label lie in the enthusiasm for Japanese culture and the extraordinary sense of aesthetics.

Wabi-Sabi describes the Japanese way of life. It is more a personal feeling, the awareness of transience and the recognition of beauty in banal, everyday situations. Wabi-Sabi has its origins in Zen Buddhism. 

Whisper clockwork by Dugena

Dugena is a traditional brand known for its precision, reliability and high-quality workmanship. A special feature of Dugena is the "Made in Germany" label, which the brand proudly wears on its watches. This means that the clocks are manufactured and assembled in Germany, ensuring high quality and reliability.

Dugena has a long history dating back to 1917. The name "Dugena" stands for "Deutsche Uhrmacher-Genossenschaft Alpina", which was founded in 1917 as an association of watchmakers to jointly produce high-quality watches.

Dugena began producing wristwatches in the 1920s and soon gained a reputation for its precise and reliable timepieces. In the 1950s, Dugena launched the first German automatic watch, setting a new standard in the watch industry.

Today Dugena is known for its classic and timeless designs.

Miracle material cork

Cork is an outstanding material in many ways. The cork comes from cork oaks, which are cultivated in sustainable forestry in Portugal. Cultivation and harvesting is a traditional occupation with a good income. The oaks produce a new cork bark every time they are peeled and bind 3 times as much CO2 as without harvest. However, peeling is only possible by hand. Too deep a cut prevents the bark from forming again.

Back made of cork granulate

Cork is a very sustainable material. It is the starting material for many applications, including our cork fabric for backpacks and mobile phone cases. During processing, of course, there are also residues, such as the cork granules. Products made from it are therefore a contribution to the sustainable use of our resources. It is also 100% natural and recyclable.

Thanks to the stable wooden ring, the cork disc is stable like wood. It is produced in the Netherlands.

Wanduhr aus Kork - Rückseite

Why a wall clock from smukbird®? 

We, that is Manu and Bogdan, with a lot of experience in felt and cork accessories. Since 2008 we have been managing companies that produce and sell felt products. Since 2021 with our own small company Smukbird®. 

Our contribution to the environment

Our contribution to the environment is not just use
of sustainable, natural and durable materials for your Wabi Sabi Denim wall clock. In addition, with every item we ship, we plant three trees and thus support the reforestation projects of the global organization “Eden Reforestation Projects”. Here, unemployed farmers in Madagascar, for example, can earn their own living again through reforestation and at the same time valuable mangrove forests are being renaturalized.