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Simply practical & minimalistic beautiful.
This is our gym bag. An uncomplicated one
Backpack for sports and leisure.

Produced in our own workshop
made of selected, sustainable materials.

Simply beautiful

Our backpacks bring stylish lightness into your life. Choose your favorite backpack from five different designs and make it your feel-good companion.

The gym bag backpack from Smukbird®

Our gym bag is more than a drawstring bag in many ways. We combine light-heartedness with robust materials so that you can enjoy your gym bag for a long time. The cork floor is water-repellent and wipeable. The cotton in our unique Smukbird® designs is a dense Canva quality. And thanks to the zip pocket, important little things are quickly to hand.

Put it where you want

Cork fabric is a very remarkable material with a unique, pleasant feel. For our gym bag it is used in the lower area and as a bottom. This allows you to park it outdoors, on the grass or on the hiking trail. Because cork is water-repellent and can be easily wiped clean.

Simply practical

With our gym bag, details make the difference. A floor is sewn into the lower cork area for parking. This way he has a better footing and you don't have to put him down.

For all the important little things, like cell phone, wallet or keys you can do that back zip compartment to use.

GOTS-certified organic cotton

The production of the organic cotton inside and outside is certified according to GOTS and is subject to the socially and environmentally compatible GOT standards. The printing takes place within the EU in Poland at a modern textile printing company.

The Organic cotton yarn is produced in the tranquil Netherlands.

The webbing of the gym bag from recycled Cotton.

Miracle material cork

Cork has a uniquely pleasant feel. The harvest is good for our environment and the people who grow cork oaks. Cork oak forests are particularly sustainable biotopes with diverse flora and fauna. Every 9-11 years the tree forms a new bark. A cork oak that is harvested binds 3 times as much CO2 as one that is not harvested. Harvesting is a Portuguese tradition that can only be done by hand. It guarantees forest owners a secure and well-paid existence.

Why a gym bag from smukbird®? 

We, that is Manu and Bogdan, with a lot of experience in accessories made of cork, felt and cotton. Since 2008 we have been managing small companies that produce and sell felt and cork products. Since 2021 with our own company Smukbird®. With us, everything is Made in Germany.

Our contribution to the environment

Our contribution to the environment is not just the use of sustainable, natural and long-lasting materials for your gym bag. In addition, we plant three trees with every item shipped and thus support the reforestation projects of the global organization “Eden Reforestation Projects”. Here, unemployed farmers in Madagascar, for example, can earn their own living again through reforestation and at the same time valuable mangrove forests are being renaturalized.