Made in Germany

Gluing and cutting done in our workshop in Germany (Trier). Here comes ours too precise cutting machine for use. A heart of our workshop.

Our felt

We use natural Merino wool felt. Wool felt is tough, durable, and cleans itself. The Wool for our felt comes mainly from Merino wool sheep from New Zealand. Mulesing is illegal in New Zealand. That felt textile himself will produced in Germany. The felting itself hardly deviates from the traditional manufacturing process to this day.

Filz aus Merinowolle

Our cork

Our cork comes from from Portugal from sustainable cultivation. The production of cork fabric, cork mats and cork boards also takes place in Portugal or the Netherlands. Cork is a very sustainable material, since the tree does not die but is only "harvested" every few years. This finds under fair conditions and good wages instead of. Cork harvesting is a very traditional profession in Portugal.

Support our vision of stylish sustainability

We, that is Manuela Kluge and Bogdan Ses

want you to be able to protect and enjoy what is important to you. For this we use our inventiveness and our attention to detail. We act sustainably and combine a good conscience with beautiful and stylish designs.

Support our vision of stylish and fair sustainability.

Simply smuk!