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Beautiful & sustainable

our philosophy

A noble & simple design and high-quality workmanship are very important to us. Because our products should not only make your everyday life easier, but also beautify it.

However, our idea of ​​appreciation begins with the materials, which are selected according to fair and sustainable criteria. With the production in our own workshop and the internal customer service, we consistently continue and implement this philosophy.

Who is Anja Streese

Anja Streese is an artist, podcaster and happiness coach from Trier in Germany. She has a unique art style that is colorful and abstract. She mainly works with acrylic paints and different textures to create her artworks.

In addition to her art, Anja Streese is also dedicated to the connection between art and spirituality and wants to inspire people through her work and help them to unleash their own creativity.

Creative happy life

Anja Streese is a versatile and inspiring personality who is committed to promoting creativity and personal growth.
Through her podcast "kreativ-glücklich-leben" and her work as a speaker and lecturer, she shares her experiences and insights with others and supports them in living out their own creative powers.

Manu and Bogdan from smukbird® with Anja (on the left) in her studio.

The printed time

Our felt wall clocks, printed by Anja Streese, create a very special atmosphere at home and at work. Hand-printed using the screen printing process by the Trier artist Anja Streese.

Limited edition of 10 pieces.

Stable cork backing

The basis of our wall clock is a solid disc made of cork granulate. We get these from the Netherlands.

Cork granules are a by-product of cork processing. By using it for the cork disc and other products made from cork granules, resources are conserved and waste is avoided.

(Battery not included.)

Cork, the good mood material from Portugal

Cork has a uniquely pleasant feel. The harvest is good for our environment and the people who grow cork oaks. Cork oak forests are particularly sustainable biotopes with diverse flora and fauna. Every 9-11 years the tree forms a new bark. A cork oak that is harvested binds 3 times as much CO2 as one that is not harvested. Harvesting is a Portuguese tradition that can only be done by hand. It guarantees forest owners a secure and well-paid existence.

Korkstoff | ein wichtiges Material bei Smukbird

Our service for you

  • Do you have a question about the wall clock or about an order?
  • Is your shipment stuck in transit?
  • Do you want to exchange or return the wall clock?

We are here for you and will always find a suitable solution for you!

mail@smukbird.de | +49 (0)651 561 32 70

We, that is Manu and Bogdan

... want you to be able to protect what is important to you. For this we use our inventiveness and our experience from almost 15 years of manufacturing and shipping accessories made of felt and cork. We always act with great attention to detail.

The high quality of an end product results from the sum of the individual steps leading to it.

Every building block is valuable.

Manu by smukbird

frequently asked Questions

Where is the wall clock made?

We produce the wall clock in our workshop in Germany | Trier. The embroidered denim dial is made in Berlin.

Where do the materials come from?
  • The denim comes from Japan. These are production leftovers.
  • The yarn is also original Sashiko yarn from Japan.
  • We source the cork disc from the Netherlands.
  • Cork itself comes from cork oak trees in Portugal. These are cultivated particularly sustainably and guarantee a good income for the forest owners.
  • The movement comes from DUGENA. A German watch manufacturer with a long history.
Is the wall clock sustainable?


  • We pay attention to short supply chains and continuously optimize them.
  • Sensible use of material leftovers. The material leftovers from production are used elsewhere as filling material, so that the production is almost waste-free.
  • The high-quality denim fabric is production leftovers.
  • The cork disc made from cork granulate saves resources, since the granules are a waste product of cork processing.
  • Good for the climate. A cork oak that is harvested regularly binds 3 times as much CO2 as a tree that is not harvested.
  • Minimal use of plastic. The wool felt and the cork disc are completely biodegradable. The hands are made of metal. Only the movement is made of plastic.
Shipping time, postage and tracking

We process your order within 1-2 working days. Also made to measure. Then it goes to shipping with tracking.

Free shipping within Germany for orders over €75.
You can find the postage for all other countries here: Shipping Terms

We ship all orders with a tracking number and exclusively with DHL and Deutsche Post.

What do I do if I want to exchange the watch?

Simply contact us by phone or email. We always find a solution for you.

How do I return the wall clock?

If you want to return the wall clock, write us a short message. We will be happy to send you a return label.

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